Stouffer’s: Fried Chicken Review

I’ve had this one sitting in my email inbox from my coworker Heidi for a couple weeks and just kept forgetting about it.  So you get it today.  It’s a Stouffer’s meal and looks pretty decent.  It’s a classic.

Stouffer’s Fried Chicken is an interesting looking dish.  First and foremost…It doesn’t look like fried chicken.  It looks like breaded and baked chicken.  But that’s what it is more or less.  Can’t really fry chicken in the microwave.  It’s not going to be crispy.  But that’s fine, every frozen meal company has their own version of this.  Some pull it off…Some don’t.  I like how simple this is.  Meat and potatoes.  No crisp thrown in, no veggie medley (though I do kind of love those), just the chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy.  It’s like a KFC meal except not quite as terrible for you.  What’s it really look like?

It doesn’t look quite as good as the box.  As expected the chicken doesn’t look fried.  And the potatoes look really watery in some parts and burned/dried out in others.  Not quite the whipped potatoes that look so delicious on the box.  Same goes with the gravy…On the box it looks nice, but the meal looks both watery in some parts and burned in others.  Very strange.  What did Heidi think?

This meal is not half bad….although the chicken isn’t “fried” in the crispy sense the breading was really really good, the chicken tender and being a mashed potato lover, typical frozen food potatoes with gravy but did not offend. The gravy was really good as well…its a good comfort food meal. Might not be all that filling, but I did bring in some fruit to eat as well.

Rating: ★★★½☆


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