Jimmy Dean: D-Lights Turkey Bacon Bowl

It’s breakfast time at Tasty Lies today, and this breakfast comes from my coworker Marissa.  She hipped us to the Jimmy Dean Turkey SAUSAGE Bowl…  And she was quite a fan.  This time it’s their turkey bacon bowl.  It’s not a huge difference, but still worth looking into.

It looks pretty good, very similar to Jimmy Dean’s OTHER breakfast bowl.  It’s essentially the same meal but with a different protein in it.  How does that change the meal?

As with the other bowl, the color on this one is a lot more washed out than on the box.  It makes it look less appetizing, but toss some pepper on there and it still looks awesome.  What did Marissa think?

I like these breakfast bowls as an alternative to the breakfast sandwiches. Whereas the normal bowl is really bad for you, this one isn’t too bad. My biggest issue is that it is a little greasy feeling/tasting in your mouth and the sodium could definitely be reduced and have this be better. Overall, it’s a good mix of meat, cheese, and egg. The Sausage version of this is better.

Rating: ★★★½☆


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