Dairy Queen: Banana Split

It was really hot and humid last week at work when someone said “I want ice cream.”  It was over from there.  A plan was hatched to make a Dairy Queen run so we could all cool off a bit and get a nice sugary kick in the afternoon.  I hadn’t had ice cream in quite a while, and I wanted to go old fashioned.  So a banana split it was!  This is what Dairy Queen says they should look like…

How perfect does that look?  DAMN perfect.  Got the ice cream, the different toppings, the whipped cream, the banana.  Do want.  Here’s what I came back to work with:

I want to point out beforehand that I didn’t eat this in the store, I had to cap it and bring it back to work, so that might have altered the way it looked.  That said, while it does lack the style and it quite messy looking, the elements are all there and none of them are too much.  They’re PERFECT because, damnit, it’s a banana split!  You can see it’s a bit melted, but that’s because of the heat outside.  So, yeah.  It’s not really true to the picture, but the taste sure is spot on.  Go get one today.

Rating: ★★★★☆


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