Stouffer’s: Steak, Mushroom, Cheddar Flatbread Melt

Apologies for the frozen food hiatus.  That’s over now though, and we’ve got a doozy to rebound with.  Flatbread sandwiches for EVERYBODY!

It’s like a taco, only not a taco at all!  Kind of like a Gordita from Taco Bell.  Only the Gordita is usually filled with a meatish substance, lettuce, cheese, and not much else.  Maybe a sauce.  This one’s got steak and mushrooms!  People LOVE mushrooms!  I’m not one of those people, but as I’ve said before I’m a strange one.  Unlike Heidi, who brings us today’s Tasty Lie.  She digs on mushrooms.

Even if you aren’t big on mushrooms, the promise of steak AND cheddar may be enough to make the effort with this meal…Provided it’s any good.  Let’s check it out!

That looks pretty rad.  Not your standard flatbread.  It looks heavily seasoned…Which is awesome.  Well, hopefully.  Who knows what the seasoning actually is?  I’m hoping for something garlicky.  This looks pretty delicious though, LOTS of cheese.  Lots of cheese is never a bad thing unless you don’t like cheese.  However, if you don’t like cheese I’m relatively sure we can’t be friends…Unless you’re a Vegan.  Then I get it.  Also seems to be a good amount of mushrooms and steak, but it’s hard to tell so we will see here right about…NOW.

 Well it’s a bit more steak than I was expecting in a frozen meal, so that’s pretty cool.  And that is a bunch of cheese, so that rocks.  Throw in a handful of mushrooms and you’re set.  This meal would be more my speed with onions instead of mushrooms but beggars can’t be choosers.  Let’s see what it looks like in it’s proper folded position…

Well it leaked a bit on my desk, but it looks pretty great.  The flatbread looks just as good in real life as it does on the box.  It doesn’t look as filled, but since we’ve seen it unfolded we know there’s a lot going on inside of that flatbread so that’s not really a letdown at all.  This meal looks solid, something I wish I had right this second.  The taste is another matter all together, though.  So let’s check with Heidi on that.

Sometimes I have to say NO to the Stouffers Mac n Cheese everyday and spice up my life a bit. So I grabbed this. I like steak and cheese and I think mushrooms are the bomb what can go wrong?  Turns out nothing this time. I enjoyed this meal. The flatbread tasted herby and was not soggy . I was doubtful about the the quantity of steak and mushrooms, turns out it wasn’t so bad when folded over. I would definitely pick up this meal again. I loved it!  If you are a big lunch eater, you may want to bring something along with this…I brought fruit.  Five stars!

Rating: ★★★★★

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