Banquet: Salisbury Steak Meal

We’re at this point again…This super sad point.  The point where  I go back to the well because I was sifting through reviews to be posted and I found this…Thing.  It’s back, and it’s Banquet!  You should know Banquet REALLY well at this point.  You don’t?  Take a little refresher course, on us!  I’ll warn you up front, it isn’t pretty.  Banquet has a habit of making meals that really fit the price they charge for them; ONE AMERICAN DOLLAR. (I hold no responsibility for costs in other countries.)

I thought I had gotten through all of the Banquet reviews I had in my holster, but it’s just not the case.  A couple were hiding.  It’s time to expose one of them to the harsh light of day.  We only have one other Salisbury Steak review on the site, and it’s one of our older ones.  That one didn’t work out well and it was a standard Lean Cuisine.  Cut the budget on the meal and surely it can’t get any BETTER, can it?  Let’s find out…

Well, it certainly LOOKS edible.   Some side dishes are very standard in Banquet meals.  Corn and mashed potatoes are those sides.  They’re in almost every single Banquet meal and they’re always the same.  The corn is good enough and the potatoes are watery and oddly-textured.

The big question is the steak, though.  It looks like the standard Banquet “MEAT PATTY” with some sort of sauce on top of it.  Let’s see the real deal.

Well, I’ll just get this out of the way: The potatoes and corn are exactly like they are in other Banquet offerings.  Corn is fine, potatoes are watery and gritty.  Pass.  The beef patty is one in the same with what you’ll find elsewhere, like in the Cheesy Smothered Charbroiled Patty.  That’s not a good thing by any stretch.  The sauce is very weird.  You can tell just by looking at the picture.  It’s very thin with weird little pockets of grease.  It’s NOT good at all.  It’s kind of gross, actually.  The only passable thing in this entire meal is the corn.  I can get corn anywhere, I don’t need to surround it with things I am disgusted by.

Rating: ½☆☆☆☆

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