Healthy Choice: Asian Potstickers

CoWorker Marissa has another entry and it’s a good one, because we can use it to compare to a past meal.  We’ve done Lean Cuisine, but now it’s time for Healthy Choice Asian Potstickers!

Looks like a pretty decent meal.  They took the time to dress this one up  I have a hard time believing this ‘serving suggestion’ could be achieved.  It it does look great.  They even put a little garnish on top.  I’m willing to bet that’s not in the meal.

That said, this meal is a little bit different than the Lean Cuisine version in that it’s a vegetarian option, whereas the LC version has chicken in it.  Let’s take a look at the actual product:

Well yeah, this is kind of a mess.  Lots more sauce than you’d expect.  It would be really hard to replicate the box, and as I expected…No garnish on top.  Oh well, they miss the mark as far as how it looks.  However, the potstickers do look pretty good-sized.  There’s three of them, and they look to be a couple or few bites each.  So that’s definitely nice.  How did it taste, though?

This is one of my favorite meals and I think that the Lean Cuisine version and the Healthy Choice version are pretty identical. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were. It says a “sweet and spicy sauce” and boy they aren’t kidding. AND the sauce doesn’t carmelize around the edges, as it does in the Lean Cuisine version, so you get more of it.  This is definitely the spiciest of all the frozen meals that I’ve had, but it’s filling and yummy.

When I mentioned that hers was vegetarian and LC’s wasn’t, she was surprised.  She’s had both and thought they tasted very similar and enjoyed them both.  Healthy Choice wins the competition for Marissa…A big reason is the cooking time.  The Lean Cuisine has some fairly crazy cooking instructions, including setting your microwave to 50% power for part of the time.  The Healthy Choice meal, however, was easy to make.

Rating: ★★★★★


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